DIY Network shows how front yard landscaping can add the wow factor to your home's curb appeal.

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Creating Beautiful Garden in Small Yard. Having a small yard does not mean that you cannot have a beautiful garden. People often say that beautiful garden must come with enough space to put soma p

Victorian, taken by rippleinstillwaters at deviantart.

Victorian not in Oregon

Victorian Gingerbread

Gingerbread Mansion Ferndale, CA - Mom and two of my aunts and I wandered through this amazing, enchanting town just after the earth quake in the The houses are awesome, the shops are great.I want to go back when we visit Cali next year!

House across the street from Halliwell Manor

Inside Halliwell Manor from the TV Show "Charmed"

A behind-the-scenes tour of the Victorian house used in the TV show "Charmed" known as Halliwell Manor and how the real house looks today!


Victorian Style: Beautiful Home Design. If I could have this style home with all the things I've ever dreamed of in a house, I'd be set.

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The Pink Victorian House Greeting Card for Sale by Linda Phelps

Eastlake Victorian - This colorful Victorian home is a Queen Anne, but the lacy, ornamental details are called Eastlake. The ornamental style is named after the famous English designer, Charles Eastlake, who was famous for making furniture decorated with fancy spindles. Eastlake details can be found on a variety of Victorian house styles. Some of the more fanciful Stick Style Victorians have Eastlake buttons and knobs combined with the angular stickwork.

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Eastlake Victorian House Style 1860 - An Eastlake Victorian is Essentially A Queen Anne Victorian with the Eastlake Detailing. A Furniture Designer Inspired These Fanciful Homes. These Lacey Victorian houses are lavished with Eastlake Style Spindlework.

Turn of the 20th Century Mansion, Quincy Illinois

Architectural Beauty

Turn of the Century Mansion, This house in part of a several block stretch of Century homes built on Maine Street in Quincy Illinois. The home has a sculptural shape while the roof has tulip wrought iron detailing / Photography by Bo Mackison