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Hahhahaa :D

Hahhahaa :D

Bwhahaha!! Soooo your mouth isn't the only thing you need to close!!!

Funny Courtesy Hello Ecard: If you were a cookie, you'd be a Whoreo.

Oh look--it's winethirty.

I love this! And it's so true! Country music is my way of life!

I wasn't born a bitch, I earned that title. Can't handle it? Move on then.

Go fuck yaself

"Sweetie, I'm gonna need you to put those few remaining brain cells together and work with me here, okay?"

trying so hard not to laugh out loud but oh GOD this is hilarious!

One of us is right and the other one is you.

Funny Breakup Ecard: All I know is one of us is right and the other one is you.

My mom posted this with the caption "note to my daughter". She's pretty funny. And this is all too accurate. Hehe.

Olive Oil & Sea Salt-Garlic Popcorn

Funny Confession Ecard: Lord, grant me the serenity to accept stupid people the way they are, courage to maintain self-control, and wisdom to know if I act on it, I will go to jail! laughing out loud

Since some people seem to have an issue with people using words with more than 3 syllables- "Like, tell her to stop using all of these BIG words." And seriously, I couldn't make that up if I tried.

Funny Breakup Ecard: Since narcissistic was too big a word for you. How about asshole? Do you understand asshole?

Yeah must be that!

Ha! Me lol

Free and Funny Confession Ecard: Sure, I walk around the house naked with the blinds open. If you're peeking in my window, your punishment is seeing me naked. Joke's on you, motherfucker.

Oh so true ;

you are what you eat

Weekend humor – Kick starting the craze with style

You unfunny fuck.

I would get punched a lot if people could read my mind

Some say your opinion does not count, well time for a stunner.

If you are by chance offended...Well human it's just your reflection trying to get your attention... Grow in all areas

My ecard humor lol

every single day... on the hour. people are so annoying!

or on someones pin!