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Rasta Imposta Cupcake Costume, Pink/Blue, Adult size Includes one-piece pullover tunic and hat. Please note: Manufacturer has made a change in this costume and is not the same as pictured. This costume runs small.

cereal coustume people!! froot loops and captin crunch!

Homemade Toucan Sam and Cap'n Crunch Costumes: Bringing back fond childhood memories, we decided to go with cereal characters as our theme. We got many compliments on our Homemade Toucan Sam and Cap'n

Homemade Easy Mac costume made from scratch #macaroni cheese #costume

Homemade Easy Mac Costume - an old laundry basket. basket covered with recycled cardboard. Painted to look like Easy Mac bowl -lots of recycled paper towel and toilet paper tubes - glued and painted cheesy yellowish-orange

DIY Cupcake Costume! I made this costume as a challenge and in honor of my love for baking! You can easily make this costume for under 20$!

Free candy everywhere, fun spooky decorations and best of all. we get to play dress up! I especially love ho.

flamingo costume

Clever idea for flamingo costume. You know, for all those occasions when you really really need a flamingo costume [regrets that we don't "do" Halloween the same way in the UK]

LOL. Pool noodles, cardboard frames, and stuffed jeans with shoes.  Also?  Awesomeness!

Just a few friends dressed up as a roller coaster, Best costume idea ever! Wish I had been this creative in my group costume days.

Coolest Cupcake Costume... This website is the Pinterest of costumes

Coolest Cupcake DIY Costume

I made this cupcake costume after getting some ideas from this website. The best ones so far were for babies so I had to guestimate most measurements… I'm

flower halloween costumes (If I was a little girl, I would just want to wear those skirts all the time!!)

Disfraz de flor para niña - Announcing Kid's Halloween Costume Kits from Purl Soho! - Knitting Crochet Sewing Crafts Patterns and Ideas! - the purl bee