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Cool- the very clear light focused on the tree from a ground's eye view gives a cool feeling to the photograph

Mikko Lagerstedt photographie de nuit des paysages finlandais

This is a great landscape photo, it is a shallow depth of field and the landscape is upside down, which is called image refraction.

Top 10 Sunset spots in Europe

Beautiful reflection of the sun.but it occurred to be that thru a glass of wine it turns your world upside down. Sometimes wine can do that. I will consider it water.

Astonishing New Zealand Landscape Photography

MYSTICAL WOODS - It's easy to see why they chose to film The Lord of the Rings trilogy and The Hobbit in New Zealand. This photo is by Bryan Larson taken in a Subtropical rainforest in Waikaremoana, New Zealand.

Beautiful colors, an amazing picture.

Dr. Seuss-Style Surreal Photography

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Can We Guess Your Favorite Thing About Fall?

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Highlander by AdnanBubalo #Landscapes #Landscapephotography #Nature #Travel #photography #pictureoftheday #photooftheday #photooftheweek #trending #trendingnow #picoftheday #picoftheweek

Highlander by AdnanBubalo #Landscapes #Landscapephotography #Nature #Travel #photography #pictureoftheday #photooftheday #photooftheweek #trending #trendingnow #picoftheday #picoftheweek

A new beggining by gnbphotos via http://ift.tt/2irffPI

A new beggining by gnbphotos landscape sunrise fog city sunset nature sun sunlight clouds cloudscape urban cityscape temple natur

Long Exposure Photography Tips You Don't Want to Miss

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