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Sengoku = Coby Garp = Smoker Gol D. Roger = Luffy Rayleigh = Zoro

Sengoku and Garp (left top) Gol D.Roger and Silvers Rayleigh (right top) Coby and Smoker (left bottom) Luffy and Zoro (right bottom)

One piece | I love how most people would be fascinated with the pictures and the fact that some guy made a fricking cloud in the middle of the room and all One Piece fans are sobbing from feels.

One piece is here.... just here.... in your heart

Ace waiting!!!

Ace waiting!!!

This has been added to. I updated the link.

Luffy swatting domflamingo (creepy ass spider) with Trafalgar Law hiding behind luffy piece

One Piece Kiddies

One Piece Kiddies

Perverted One Piece

Not sure if One Piece is p*rverted or if it's just me.