I love you so much John Barrowman <3

I love you so much John Barrowman

Do not apologize…

John Barrowman/Captain Jack Harkness everyone. Yes! never apologize for being a Nerd, and my case, no matter what your age ☺

Both Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss fit in here somewhere too....

((Let's just combine these shows into one, so that we can have WhoLock. And also, the Sherlock hiatus can FINALLY end.))>> Actually there is one difference it's that in Doctor Who there running from danger while in Sherlock There running to danger.

Tom Hiddleston as Loki at Comic-Con 2013. Because he's just that amazing.

Loki takes over SD Comic con--worth pinning just for the best caption I've ever read

Tumblr Who #52 >> The last one is what blew my mind. Makes me so damn sad. >> 3: I just can't see it

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As a response to 10 was holding it in so he could see all his companions again as himself and could do no longer when he reached the TARDIS. The build up of energy made it explode out of him whereas with 9 he just let it happen.

John Barrowman is the only one on the train. John Barrowman is a twelve year old. always reblog 12 yr old Barrowman and i am dead

John Barrowman is the only one on the train. John Barrowman is a twelve year old. Just a really good looking twelve year old.

John Barrowman looking fabulous in a TARDIS dress at ComiCon.

Further Meanderings of Merinda. Doctor Who John Barrowman Jodie Whittaker Doctor 😮😦

Oh Middle School... school

Captain Jack Harkness (John Barrowman) of Doctor Who and Torchwood AKA "Delicious in a trench coat".

Exactly how it went down when my friend fell in love with Sherlock. And a different friend didn't love Doctor Who.<----- I usually end up forcing people to try again, because they only watch the first couple episodes of Doctor Who.

Get in line, John.

John Barrowman comedy routine after meeting Benedict at SDCC.>>> and in that moment i swear we were all John Barrowman