♕✦∘only in darkness can you see the stars∘✦♕

Fun fact: Spider-Man and Batman are my favorite superheroes. I've watched all SPIDERMAN movies at least 50 times no joke

Krispy Kreme - Tokyo Valentine's Day

Heart-shaped donuts at Krispy Kreme in Shinjuku for Valentine's Day Photo taken with an Apple iPhone

Oh thank you ryan :)  Someone send me this on my birthday :)

Is like you are Photoshoped or something! — Hanna/Emma Stone in Crazy, Stupid Love. (I used to refuse to fall into the Ryan craze.this movie changed it all.funny and hot.

Love: Ryan Gosling Cheers Up The Single Ladies | YourTango

Still Single? Let Ryan Gosling Cheer You Up

All I need is a man that will appreciate my love of Mexican food :) Or Ryan Gosling. just Ryan Gosling ;