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The tiger (Panthera tigris) is the largest of all big cats. Less than tigers exist in the wild today. At one time, there were 9 subspecies. Three subspecies are now extinct.

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musts: “Paradise Wildlife Park: White Tiger by Chris Humphries ”

On my phone this is too small to read but I like the pic of the four tigers at the bottom

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I love those blue tigers! Second fave is the white tigers. then the liger/tigon, then the golden tiger, then the snow white tiger!

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He's top cat. He is more dominate and thinks every dominate male is a threat to him. His sister is Dignity. He is a kind and loyal male who wants a mate one day. He is fast, strong and wise and has no cubs.

* * " Please Great Spirit, do not let my species become extinct because of humans' murderous ways.

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beautiful-wildlife: “Winter Stroll by Julie L Hoddinott ” Tigre Siberiano (Panthera tigris altaica)