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Sigh, I even have think eyebrows (NOT SUPER HAIRY ONES BUT) I use to hate it but, now i'm like: YUSSS IM PART OF THE KIRKLAND FAMILY

Yes, the Kirkland family's time has come. America better watch out cause England's coming

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((Dear Hetalia fandom, thank you for helping us get over our dead characters (temporarily) with your pasta and sparkly animation. Sincerely, Homestuck and Attack on Titan/Shingeki no Kyojin))----DONT BE UPSETTI, HAVE SOME SPAGETTI!

Hetalia Iceland and his fridge

Iceland has come for his BAE! (long distance- Iceland and Sweden fridge) by noeru-sama. Save the to Hetalia or DRRR!


The Italian Brothers and their perspectives. Yep this sounds about right. <- Kind of sounds like the difference between ENFP and INTJ/ISTJ (If you're into Myers Briggs like me.)<< They're not the Italian Brothers unless Serborga is there.

Hetalia ~ I feel for ya Poland, that is totally, like, an offensive pony!

I feel for ya Poland, that is totally, like, an offensive pony!<<< ahh Poland, you sure are a special child.