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hey everybody my name is sarah! my favorite things in life our my friends, starbucks coffee, and the beach! Remember to always live life to the fullest! It is always funner that way!

Love when my girls do this for me and when I can do it back!!

Little reasons to smile - making someone smile when they're having a bad day

why can't i?! it'd be perfect

Just Girly Things: Wishing You Could Find the Guy Version of Yourself


And the excitement when other people open packages! the excitement on their face

Yup could live in a sweatshirt or sweater any day that is cold

Being comfortable in oversized hoodies. I prefer fitted clothes, but hoodies are great.

"Please do not eat raw cookie dough." How about no✋

salmanella be damned.i love eating cookie dough lol gotta remember to save some to bake with hehe