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Then is fulfilled Hlín's second sorrow, when Óðinn goes to fight with the wolf, and Beli's slayer, bright, against Surtr. Then shall Frigg's sweet friend fall.

i felt like a gray mouse heading straight for the mouth of a cat, and there was nothing, nothing i could do about it

Ethan Chandler, Red Riding Hood, Brothers Grimm, Jon Snow, Hue, Wolves, Aesthetics, Jhon Snow, Red Hood

Horns are unusual for a Coatl. Being waif-thin is unusual for a Coatl. Claws, blackened skin, blind eyes-- all unusual for a Coatl. All these things, wrapped up into one-- that is Rofthoffer. A powerful, graceful mage, one of the dark arts, though not the Shade. Whatever entity bought from her her eyesight and voice (and perhaps soul, some speculate) gave her these traits, the traits that make her who she is.

carly ymer i'm the villain, i'm the evil queen, the heartless b*tch, but never forget ymer carly ymer carly ymer carly ymer carly ymer carly ymer carly ymer carly ymer carly ymer carly ymer

"And it turns out you're too human after all. You are a human peasant, the scum on the bottom of my shoe, and defeating you will be the easiest thing I've done in centuries.

Black and White depressed depression sad alone fat self harm self hate cutting ugly worthless self injury self loathing misfit unwanted disappear trigger warning unloved

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