Harry Potter themed Where am I Board

Resident assistant where is your RA door dec, Harry Potter.Doesn't have to be Harry Potter themed, just something nice to have on the door to your bedroom so your roommates know where you are in case they answer the door.

The Roommate Game- complete with free questions great for RA Floor activity

The Roommate Game- a really great activity North Central has put on in recent years! Not only can it be the "Roommate Game", but also the "Bestie Game"

Word search college door dec. Make with all your residents' names and circle their name.

Word Search Door Decs: Make one with all of your residents' names and circle the name of each resident individually.

Responsible Alcohol Usage bulletin board! Oh, Miley. You are so useful. #reslife…

miley cyrus themed alcohol board (ugh yes cause she's such a dumb mess and i don't like her)