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My lil' Nialler sleeping with his wittle glasses on ♥♡

Nialler. This is my fave pic of him. He's so perfect.

I love this picture so much. His smile is so perfect. He is so perfect.

His laugh is the cutest thing! I love it so much! His laugh makes me smile every time!

Nialls laugh should be played at football games with people holding their hearts instead of the anthem and I want it to be my ringtone 💜💚💛❤️💙

I love me a guy who can pull of raybans

Niall Horan, dude I love you in those glasses so so much <<<<<<<<<< forreal I feel ya girl

I'm sick of these people that have been tearing Liam down. I AM SICK! I don't have a twitter but just the things I see on pinterest sickens me enough. Why can't people just be happy for him and Sophia?!   He still loves us anyways. Sending him hate will just make him push away from us. I'm not trying to be mean or lose any followers but I am done with these kinds of people.

I thought we were that big happy fandom. Just respect Sophia and Liam. I know Payzer broke up but we have to get over it. Stop sending hate to Liam. Or the boys and their girlfriends. Let's be that happy family again.

I think I may just need a doctor.really badly.hurry, hurry, come to my bedside Dr. *wails dramatically* -H