Dubai Mall, Dubai travel guide: | #ohhcouture #LeonieHanne

Dubai Travelguide

My dear ones, naturally I will tell you all about my short but eventful trip to Dubai soon in an extensive travel guide, but.

chill   Where I would Love to be right now that it is 110 degrees outside !!!

Sea Swing, The Bahamas I just want to go and swing peacefully for awhile, how awesome would that be? ::::::SIGH:::::::: - Tap the link to see the newly released collections for amazing beach bikinis!

Santorini travel diary - More on <3

Monday Update #16

Despite the fact that I had promised you improvement, I am once more late with my Monday Update. Apparently the past three weeks without a break have taken their toll on me and I am literally 15 posts

Dubai Travelguide

Dubai Travelguide

Despite the fact that I am very well traveled by now and that I have had several stop-overs in Dubai on my way to.

h  e  l  e  e  n  k  l  a  p

h e l e e n k l a p

Abu Dhabi ’17

Abu Dhabi ’17 (ohh couture)

Marrakech travel guide | #ohhcouture #leoniehanne

Marrakech travelguide

I like this because of the models basic white dress compared to the ancient looking backround