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I did it my tongue feels weird! I have spit all over my screen!(I'm typing with my tongue - SpongeBob😎)(put your name next to mine if you did it and typed your name with you tongue)


IT WORKS! I'M SCARED!>>>>> guys it actually worked!<---------------- It worked because when you read the word "yawn" you yawn.

OMG WHO ELSE I CANT BE THE ONLY ON€!!!!!! I still do! Lol!!

I did a couple time at our store.<--My mom told me that I disappeared when I was tiny and found me inside one of these playing hide and seek. She was so scared that I had been kidnapped!

Can you read it?<<<< yep I didn't know I could read upside down cool!

Whoa they spelled stuff correctly. o_o <<< The thing says: Like if you can read this withought any -.- because you are just that smart.

Cdd crap now there is lipstick on my phone

I even typed this w/ me bottom lip rip<<typing li ke this is hard geez

I hate when people guilt you into things or say you'll have bad luck or say you will die but, 7 cents a day could add up for thus little girl

I hope that u would all pass this message on bc it would be amazing to save a little girls life. Let's prove that we have a heart! Please post your name if you posted this!