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Sorbus commixta JAPANINPIHLAJA

Sorbus commixta JAPANINPIHLAJA

Feuilles d automne

✮You gotta love Autumn---so hard to choose between putting this in "Fall" or "photography" but I chose photography because of the blurred background and focus on the leaves in the foreground, I love this kind of picture. and yes, Fall/Autumn is awesome!

Lavender & Climbing Roses.  I love the green plant mixed in there!  So beautiful!

Salvias (the purple flower in the photo) are one of the best groups of flowers for honeybees and bumblebees. White Fence And Flower Bed With Pink Roses, Salvia, Sage, Catmint And LadyS Mantel. This is going in my yard down the fence - Home And Garden

If this old magnificent tree could talk....oh the stories it could tell.

A person wanders onto the path. Finish the story from the trees' perspective. Foggy Autumn Morning - Maple Trees, Ontario, Canada--One thing I miss about the pacific nw, pretty falls

spring flowers...

lovely koi pond hiding among the iris beds. Ours will be goldfish but planting iris around the edges, great idea.

Red Oak Vintage Leaf Print Antique Maple Hickory by TheOldFern

Red Oak Vintage Leaf Print Antique Maple Hickory by TheOldFern

Cupaniopsis anacardioides | Tuckeroo | Secret Gardens

Plant of the month is the Tuckeroo. This is a great all round evergreen tree, with flushes of bright glowing new growth through Spring and Summer.