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Patterns in Nature - Wow - interesting how a pattern can bring out the depth in an object or landscape.

Patterns in Nature. Photos by various artists, including Tony Kuyper, Steve Sier. - Science and Nature

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tree rings - When the trunk of a tree is cut off, it is easy to notice that there are dark circles. Each circle of this is called a growth ring. Each ring corresponds to one year of life.

Starfish close up.  "Mosaic" by Andrey Narchuk

Patterns of sea stars as exquisite mosaics, attractive, and each time is different. Cambodia (Photo and caption by Andrey Narchuk/Nature/National Geographic Photo Contest) Beautiful Iron stained quartz mosaic inspiration.

pine cone pattern

Spiral Pattern in Pine Cone Pine cones are a classic example of the logarithmic or equiangular spiral in nature. This is from a Short-leaf pine. These spirals form from processes where there is turning at a constant angle but accelerating growth.

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(texture idea for walls/art work) texture- this shows texture by making the sand in big bulges. it also could be seen as ripples through water flowing into the middle of the artwork. it also gives a bit of movement into the center.

this is the surface of a mosquito egg- wow, who would think of looking this closely!

The image shows the surface of a mosquito egg (from Culex pipiens), which generates a water repellent network by connecting microscopically small structures to trap a thin layer of air. (Credit: Martin Oeggerli, The EMBO Journal)