Tutustu kiinnostaviin ideoihin!

blogger-image--361672961.jpg 360×480 piksel
Clay Castles.  I will do this someday.  When I have an art room with a kiln that won't get taken away from me.
BES Art: Clay Initial Tiles--I was going to do this so am glad to see how it turns out.
come to the Art side: Monday Mayhem: Clay work inspired by artist James DeRosso!
How to transfer images to pottery before firing in the kiln! Looking for a tutorial on this technique and found it here!
Slab pots with black interiors
Great ideas for painting clay without glaze.  http://artsmudge.com/2012/08/non-traditional-glazing-techniques-for-elementary-art/
Family Bowl or LoveBirds Bowl- custom made for your family from Lee Wolfe Pottery
Ceramic Slab project, student work. Love!!  could use for fundraiser for Houston food bank (people buy a decoration for their kitchen and the money goes to the food bank)