Dark Waters, Riikka Sormunen Sormunen has a new monograph published by NoBrowPress out now, and if this is anything to go by, I may buy 2 copies.

this isn't happiness™ Peteski

Riikka Sormunen is a Helsinki-born illustrator currently living in Canada. Often working with floral themes and human figures, Riika is inspired by her own experiences, dreams and nature when.

helena perez garcia illustration

From London-based Spanish illustrator Helena Perez Garcia, who's got this dark, other-side-of-the-looking-glass fairy tale vibe to her work.

Jee ook : Photo

South Korean illustrator Jee-ook Choi specialises in creating cryptic and whimsical illustrations that toy with the everyday, throwing small details and idiosyncrasies into her scenes that belie their immediate, perceived normality.