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여심 유혹, 매력적인 미니멀리즘 접시 디자인 :: 디자인로그(DESIGN LOG)

여심 유혹, 매력적인 미니멀리즘 접시 디자인 :: 디자인로그(DESIGN LOG)

10 assiettes design Assiettes et gobelets Iittala X Issey Miyake, Myake Design Studio (Iittala)

10 assiettes design

Jars Ceramics in Provence, South of France, combines traditional hand craftsmanship with modern design to create unique work-of-art tableware. I’m loving the warm colors and textural details of their simple, functional but elegant ceramic collection.

purchase an assortment of dining plates from garage sale, store, or thrift store to use as reception plates.

Garden Stools / Side Tables, White Geometric Stool, so cool, one of over 3,000 limited production interior design inspirations inc, furniture, lighting, mirrors, tabletop accents and gift ideas to enjoy repin and share at InStyle Decor Beverly Hills Hollywood Luxury Home Decor enjoy & happy pinning

Lustrous and versatile, the Treillage Garden Stool in White from Emissary features eight sides with a linked ring pattern that adds a modern twist to any decor.

Naoto Fukasawa made of Corian

Naoto Fukasawa Vertigo Trays - The candour of Corian, reduction of form, unusual nesting: these are the two trays for bowls Vertigo and Vertigo Round by Naoto Fukasawa, full of poetry and spirituality.

1% products by Nendo

products by Nendo

Artist: 柳井 友 / Source: 10th International Ceramic Competition

The International Ceramics Competition Mino, Japan| International Ceramics Festival MINO,Japan

Wasara, designer Shinichiro Ogata, 2008. Collezione di stoviglie usa e getta, dalle linee eleganti ed essenziali. Le stoviglie sono prodotte con polpa di canna, di bambù e di bagassa. Questi materiali biodegradabili, disponibili in abbondanza, rappresentano una fonte sostenibile di polpa vergine.

WASARA - Beautiful disposable Japanese tableware design made from sugar cane fiber, bamboo, and reed pulp.

classic white dishes: dress up with colored chargers, napkins, serving dishes, glass, flowers. mine are crate barrel aspen- highly recommend.

white balloons, my boyfriend likes white balloons (I guess, because I read on his blog about white balloons) so I will decorate his room hmm actually his camp because he lives in a tangkoko forest right now; with white balloons

white balloons, my boyfriend likes white balloons (I guess, because I read on…