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Kiku + the rest of the cast = A whole ton of shenanigans! Some of these are really funny, and others, I'm just going, "Dear God, WHY???" - Art by Uli

Kiku just can work with everyone, no one can get angry at him only if he starts scaring you because one of his movies. like Alfred

America made a friend who wanted some flowers, but he searched everywhere but couldn't find them. When he visited Davie again, Davie didn't recognize him. England then visited and then told him that he'd get him the flowers. He then got him flowers, but it was years later.When America went to go give the flowers to him, he saw a boy who resembled Davie. America ran to him and gave him the flowers. The boy then puts the flowers into a coffin. Davie had died. . Hows that for feels. Art by…

"Davie" (Hetalia, America) i cry when my friend show me this TT-TT

Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden || Hetalia

Pinching cheeks, Nordics - Iceland "don't touch me" - Norway "you r going to get hit in. someone's paying attention to me" - Finland - "why are you pinching me?" - Sweden - "touch me again and see what happens"

Beso beso~

Hetalia - Chibitalia and Holy Rome / Romano and Spain (awwww look at HRE's major nosebleed.) Romano is so cute trying to get bit again so Spain will kiss his finger!