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Radiant sculpted glass angels spread hope, love and peace! Add a tealight, sold separately, to the attached glass cup and set the gold-flecked gowns aglow. Set includes one of each height: 8½"h; 10¾"h; 12½"h.

Angels of Light Tealight Trio Earn for free by selling to a few of your friends and family ask me how!

Raikas Sitruunanektari Tuikkivat

Fresh Citrus Nectar Fresh Home by PartyLite™ Universal Tealight™ Candles

Forbidden Fantasy Tuikkivat, Blush

Duftteelichter, Forbidden Fantasy by PartyLite™, Blush, 12 St.

Unscented White Universal Tealight™ Candles

Product image of Iced Snowberries™ Universal Tealight® Candles


Fresh Aloe Eucalyptus Fresh Home by PartyLite™ Universal Tealight™ Candles

Love ❤️ Apple Orchard tealights burn 4 hours

Product Image of Red Apple Orchard Universal Tealight® Candles

Sitruuna, meloni & minttu Tuikkivat, 12 kpl

Each of our quality candles features a lead-free wick and a special formula for even burning. We offer the best selection of distinctive fragrances created especially for us by the word's finest fragrance houses.

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Blackberry Boudoir Forbidden Fruits by PartyLite™ Universal Tealight™ Candles What is your new favorite scent with Partylite? I am happy they have brought back honeydew and mangotini! Here is a great new scent to try!

Mulberry Tuikkiva, 12 kpl

Product image of Mulberry Universal Tealight® Candles

Autumn Glow, PartyLite's October scent is 25% off October 2013!

Autumn Glow Universal Tealight® Candle Check out our other Fall inspired scents!

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Product Image of Island Paradise Universal Tealight® Candles