"Your strength charms and amazes me. I mean the strength of your entire personality, not only of your brain." _Gustave Flaubert, from a letter to George Sand [artwork: Yuri Shwedoff]


Human Series of Digital Paintings by Yuri Shwedoff // Talented Russian digital artist Yuri Shwedoff (previously) shares his latest artwork on Behance as well as invites everyone interested to check his painting tutorial on a Gumroad account

The past few weeks I have been posting more about editorial design, interfaces and some web design.

yuri shwedoff composes dramatic digital landscapes with dystopian themes, often illustrating science-fiction like fantasies that merge technology and biology.

wanderer with spear. desert. downed plane. wreck. Yuri Shwedoff post-apocalyptic art

Nightmarish post-apocalyptic images you can't turn away from

The entrance to hell is right around the corner

The entrance to hell is right around the corner