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Chris ledoux has always been one of my favorites since i was little:) This song always helps me Get through rough times!

Sit tall in the saddle hold your head up high keep your eyes fixed where the trail meets in the sky and live like you ain't afraid to die dont be scared just enjoy the ride - Chris Ledoux.

Appaloosa. (Wow! Looks like some delectable chocolate ice-cream! :)

Knabstrupper Heartbreaker in action. Gorgeous horse, but does anyone else see the puppy face on his haunch?

Blue roan paint..amazing color & markings. The buckskin isn't too bad either!

Beautiful‘Heza Blue Tom Cat’ the only blue roan tobiano Paint Stallion in Australia

Black Forest Horse-also called Black Forest Cold Blood, rare draft breed originated in Germany, used for work in forest, pulling carriages and carts, gentle riding horse, good natured,dark chestnut with flaxen mane and tail,

Black Forest Horse-also called Black Forest Cold Blood are a rare horse breed

Image result for history of knabstrupper horses

Knabstrupper USA located in Waynesboro, Virginia, Knabstrupper USA is a modern equine facility offering state-of-art training and nutrition. Knabstrupper horses for sale

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And one last one for toady, I promise :p This mare is listed as registered AMHR but no name listed and no reference to colour. The mare her self is a.