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And these are the guys I look up to........god I love them

And these are the guys I look up to........god I love them


I wear your dead dad's clothes. I looked incredible. I wear your dead dad's clothes, from that small grave 6 feet down.

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Supernatural fandom - We Forgot Adam . we really need to save Adam .

Misha Collins and Jensen Ackles - love these two - both hilarious. *cough cough* I also ship Destiel.

Everybody gets a meme

Why sleep when you can meme?

The girl is to religious but the removing Good thing is kinda sad for me. This was kinda mean but I guess the girl deserved it for being too religious. I'm a Christian, but I would've fangirled about SPN w the person :)

One of my favorite episodes because of this scene-- Community Post: How You Know You're A "Supernatural" Fan

No no not this guy (even though I don't ship destiel it is still funny the stuff I find on the web about it)

lol it's all about the Destiel.Meanwhile Misha = shipping it

Not to mention that time Jared wished Misha happy birthday one meter at a time and then sent a bunch of blank messages cuz it cost him quite a bit of money per message

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