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Princess Leia protest poster Download at http://ladieswhodesign.com/2017/01/20/protest-posters

Protest Art – Princess Leia, Shepard Fairey + More

Star Wars Rebel poster Woman's Place is in the Resistance by Hayley Gilmore, donated for people to use to protest

Bob and Roberta Smith, ‘Make Art Not War’ 1997

Bob and Roberta Smith ‘Make Art Not War’, 1997 © Bob and Roberta Smith

1960's anti war posters - Google Search

The challenges and visions reflected in my Hippie Trails novels are still in motion . Here's to the Revolution of Peace & Love! (A History of Graphic Design: Chapter Posters in Social Protests)

There is a time when silence is betrayal. Protest

Hundreds of #BlackLivesMatter protesters take to UK's streets

Anti-Vietnam war protesters march down Fifth Avenue near to 81st Street in New York City on April 27, 1968, in protest of the U.S. involvement in the…

Draft cards and draft card burning - it happened in Australia too as well as protest marches. My Cousin was one of the National Conscriptees sent to Vietnam & I was active in the protest movement.

Blast from the Past 1960s – 15 Protest Signs That Sum Up the Sixties

"Bombing For Peace Is Like Fucking For Virginity." This was on a sign in the during during a Vietnam War protest.

In the past week, the word “Coexist” has appeared on walls all over Paris. These graffiti messages are in homage to Combo, a street artist who was attacked in the French...

Calling for peace: Graffiti artist "Combo" attacked by gang in Paris ghetto for painting the word 'coexist' with Christian, Muslim and Jewish symbols in bid to inspire religious harmony

KIRSTY WHITLOCK  I like kirsty Whitlock's work as she uses free machine embroidery to draw and adorn a surface. She uses recycled materials like in this piece she has used a tesco bag and a newspaper to create a  piece. These slogans are embroidered onto the bag and are comments about society today. I love political art as I feel it has purpose and is another way of people speaking their views. There is also layers thread sewn and left hanging to create more texture and distress the piece.

KIRSTY WHITLOCK she uses free machine embroidery to draw and adorn a surface and uses recycled materials. These slogans are embroidered onto the bag and are comments about society today.

Protest: Hamnett smuggled the T-shirt into the reception at 10 Downing Street, revealing it once she was inside. 'Thatcher uttered a shriek of horror,' says the designer. 'I felt quite sorry for her'

'She uttered a shriek of horror': Margaret Thatcher's shock at Katherine Hamnett's Downing Street T-shirt protest

Margaret Thatcher meets Katharine Hamnett, 1984 Whilst meeting Thatcher, Hamnett wears one of her iconic t-shirts which said don't want pershing", in reference to polls showing opposition to base Pershing missiles in this country.

Indian students holds placards as they shout-slogans against a recent rape that took place in New Delhi during a protest in Amritsar on December 20, 2012.

Fresh arrest in Delhi gang rape

People think that girls are asking to get raped by the way they dress or how they act. Women have the right to dress and act however they would like and they shouldn't have to change that just because men can't control themselves

signs to make for womens march - Yahoo Image Search Results

UNCA students Sarah Harrell, left, and Jane Smith, right, hold signs at the People’s Climate March. Photo Illustration by Merry Hughes - Contributor