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Let's take a minute to appreciate the fact that Tony Stark killed a man over Dora.<<<actually, he killed him over his friend's sister

Clifford is an Avenger.

Clifford the Big Red Dog -- This is great. This is my childhood dream. Can this be a thing? I would personally start a movement of children from the Big Red Dog childhood to back whoever wrote this and put it in the avengers.


This part had me dying. Darcy is seriously the funniest character. Well besides Loki. But she said mew mew not mjolnir

Thor's hair is perfect! Always!

Loki Laufeyson - The Avengers bad hair days. This was already funny, and then I noticed that Loki was listed as a "Misunderstood Frosty Smurf". Then it became hilarious.

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gif Robert Downey Jr:The Making of Iron Man 2 - Note Coulson in the back trying to steal the captain america shield.even outside the movie he's obsessed with Captain America.

Hot, funny, kind. He's basically perfection in human form.

32 Times We Just Did Not Deserve Chris Pratt

He's basically perfection in human form.<<Anna Faris and Chris Pratt are

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