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My ex-girlfriend

Funny pictures about My ex-girlfriend. Oh, and cool pics about My ex-girlfriend. Also, My ex-girlfriend photos.


I love Bo Burnham. Honestly guys, he has to be my favourite comedian ever since I found him years ago lol

Bo Burnham philosophy.... yeah, where are i can eat them too!

We Ask questions, questions nobody else dares to ask. questions like, Where are all the sour patch parents?


Ecard // Noah wrote Allie 365 letters so I think you can answer my text // the notebook

Bahaha love this one!

hell ya I know what you mean hahahahahaha! Fuck the police all day long hahahaha!

I laughed way harder at this than I should have!!

Funny pictures about To thine window. Oh, and cool pics about To thine window. Also, To thine window.

:)..... :| } We can all thank the comic DeRay Davis for this one...

Joke All You Can: Instead of saying LOL, I'm gonna say SALTS ( smiled a little, then stopped). It's more truthful

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If you ever feel bad about yourself, just remember Ryan Seacrest tried to highfive a blind guy. I laughed so hard

Bo Burnham || A song From the Perspective of God

Lyrics by Bo Burnham in his song "From God's Perspective" from his show, "what." It's pretty obvious what this is about.

This made me laugh tooooo hard! hahahahahahaahahaha

I like to see the good side in a bad situation. Whenever I run into a spiderweb I just pretend I crossed the finish line for a race I didn't know I entered. Hard to throw up from fear when you're too busy being a fucking champion.

17 of the Best Comebacks You'll Ever Hear

When you ex says “you’ll never find anyone like me” reply with “that’s the point” Drake


bahahaha i couldn't stop laughing! "Your momma" jokes are the best. What makes it even better is that my son really does call it a Jumpoline!

Bo Burnham (Zach Star is Gonna Be Famous)

Bo Burnham on His New MTV Show 'Zach Stone is Gonna be Famous'

Bo Burnham Singing From God's Perspective is Amazing - Skepchick