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A Chef's Secret Roof Garden: The Fairmont Hotel - Gardenista

Honeybees welcome.bee hives on a secret roof garden at San Francisco's Fairmont Hotel!

bee keeping boxes

love these hive colors! keeping bees in colorful bee hive boxes! Dixie North ain't just about the Show Barn -- We've got hobby farm dreams too! Beekeeping is one future possibility.

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This is one of my favorite pics of an apiary . My grandfather kept bees and it was lovely to have honeycomb and fresh honey on the breakfast table.

The Honeybees in April - early honeycomb and preparing for the honeyflow #beekeeping

The Honeybees in April

What to do if you spot a Swarm of Bees - Lovely Greens Garden Living and Making

painted bee hive- I'm so doing this!

painted bee hive- I'm so doing this if we get any hives

Love the colors! The Bee Keepers – Daily Yonder

Bee Keeping Love the colors beehive boxes, with attached water sources I need to continue going to the bee keeper meetings - Fun