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This attempt at

99 Wörter aus der Bildungssprache und was sie bedeuten. Für spannendere Texte.

99 Wörter aus der Bildungssprache für spannendere Blogtexte

Mount Huashan in China. There is not a restaurant at the end, but a temple/viewpoint. (Click to view full size pic).

The Restaurant

This restaurant is in China. If you manage to make it to the restaurant the food is free.Let me know how the food is. I'm not going.

.Quel casse-tête ! Sont  fous , ces  humains !!!

The Internet is full of memes and funny pictures for virtually all subjects, including chess. We've already looked at the weirdest chess sets, the best chess GIFs, and the 11 worst chessboard photos.

Und dieser bleibende Eindruck:

19 Bilder bei denen du ganz sicher sagen wirst: "Ooooooh, scheiße!"