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I grew up playing a bunch of niggas .lol its sad how these nigga tryna play me.you play on these other hoes that dumb but not this one

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Man if you can't curve a bitch for me, you can hit the door and LEAVE! I don't deserve to be slept on or cheated so gtfo outta here if you ain't all about me, and only me.


I fucked up and wasn't there freshman year but shit now she ain't goin nowhere So Imma be here till she 100 and still cute as shit

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Omg yes thanks so much for this post, bless it. It's finally explained in words…

That is sane thing to do for a couple to build on.

I'ma txt Brian, face time  Ryan,  call up Kernan tell him I need him. niggas ain't loyal and I knew from the jump when u showed me the ropes that I wouldn't ever have trust for u

I'ma text Brian, FaceTime Ryan, call up Keenan tell 'em I need 'em niggas ain't loyal 😂 fuck I look like

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Why yall only gonna support us if you think we're only good for making yalls wieners hard?