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Until then, you won't hear nothing from me. - Pinterest ☪ @Trapbre

It might take awhile but im having too much fun to bother with rushing it. No sense in ruining a good thing!

YESSSSS!!!! I'm about to hurt some feelings for real! Stay tuned stalkers!

When people try to make me jealous i be sitting there like . " Cause when it's my turn i'ma hurt ya feelings.

osrs when I get me one, mariahkayhearts

You dirty bitches always ready to fight y'all be making ya self look crazy

Right?!!...Then they just have to post a bunch of stupid shit, for attention. Here bitch, I will show ya some attention. Bahaha

Does it bother you that me and my friends didn’t have to stoop down to your level last night. Awe poor little baby. News flash my child is way more important to me then someone cheap ass homewrecking wannabe whore.