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I feel like society is so fixated on definitions and ensuring that everything has an explanation, seeking out importance when sometimes things are best left undefined and nurtured.

I literally pointed that out to my parents when I was 7 years old.. You guys are slow

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WTF i mean i figured out twinkle twinkle and bah bah black sheep are similar but the.the alphabet? My whole life is a lie

UM NO. i'm a girl and i don't wear makeup but i think girl's who do look great and should be ale to do what makes them happy you go girls!

don't agree with "girls who don't wear makeup always get salty", lots of girls do but unfair to say all do.i wear no makeup whatsoever and i do not give a shit about whether you wear makeup or not

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Im stuck in this triangle of figuring our who I am. cause atm i feel like im just camouflaging into everyone im around

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