Kiowa c.1898

Frank A. Rinehart, a commercial photographer in Omaha, Nebraska, was commissioned to photograph the 1898 Indian Congress, part of the Trans-Mississippi International Exposition. More than five hundred Native Americans from thirty-five tribes atten.

Native American

The First Nation's People Are the Real History of America. There is no American Excellence Without our First Nation's Brothers and Sisters.By Artist Unknown.

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Crow medicine man

Perusual lately Photograph was Created by Edward S. Curtis~ Portrait Illustrates "Medicine Crow" A 1908 Crow Indian in Montana. Wearing a hawk hide headdress, two earrings in his right ear, disc ornaments, shell beads, and a beaded scalp shirt.

Kiowa Boys, photographed at Fort Sill, Indian Territory, 1890 by H. P. Robinson. Part of the Lawrence T. Jones III Texas photography collection. Series 4: Texas Locations and People.

Previous Pinner captain reads: "Kiowa Boys, photographed at Fort Sill, Indian Territory, 1890 by H. Part of the Lawrence T. Series Texas Locations and People.