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Yes, it's so normal there, but then if I ever told someone that I wanted to buy 60 watermelons, then I'm the crazy one.



How to tie the strongest knot everL step put a pair of head- phones in your pocket step wait 1 minute

Yessss... And when i'm deleting  those it's a little bit heartbreaking.....glad..i am not the only one!

I NEED to delete pictures off my phone but I'm such a photo hoarder like I never know when this picture could come in handy, I can't delete that.

And then the document can be the lyrics to the song 'The World' by Nightmare cuz you know you love that song XD

Teenager Post - How to save the world: Make a document called "The World." Save the document.

So true!!! It hurts so bad

So true!!! It hurts so bad

I do gymnastics and my toes are always perfect ! Why can't my hands be too?!?!

Nail polish on my finger nails: chips off when I sneeze. Nail polish on my toenails survives a nuclear war.