Nico spends the night 7

feels like home comic by monkeyscandance Page 8 ooh that annabeth looks beautiful but not exactly how I pictured her!

If Bianca hadn't died... so cute *sniffles*

An AU in which Bianca didn’t die and Nico is as happy as the son of Hades can possibly be. (I feel like ____ didn't die AUs only exist to stab people in the heart)

#Percy jackson

Read Chp 4 - Percy's POV from the story A Different Reality (Percy Jackson Fanfiction) by RahCol with 934 reads. Percy woke up with the.

So adorable! Aww ^.^ Percy and Jason are so cute in this!

Reyna Ramírez-Arellano - Jason Grace, Frank Zhang, Hazel Levesque/Annabeth Chase - Percy Jackson, Nico di Angelo, Piper McLean & Leo Valdez (So Cute)

I'm sobbing right now, this is so accurate Sometimes i feel now a days this is impossible

I will forever love all the Heroes of Olympus and Percy Jackson characters. I will always have a crush on Leo, but still.I SHIP CALEO SO MUCH!

Haha way to go Jason! Even though I'm still torn... #percabeth #vs #percico

Haha way to go Jason! I really like Percy and Annabeth I want them to be together and I want Percy and Nico to be friends but I'm ok if they where

Percy Jackson-- No Longer Whole by Golden-Flute on deviantART (2). THIS IS JUST ART ALrighty.  He didn't lose his arm.

Percy Jackson-- No Longer Whole by Golden-Flute on deviantART (This is why I love mrs Jackson)