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My Inmate braided my hair like this when I fought in the ring so I looked tougher against my opponent.

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Young Women Haircuts Grey Hair

Feed in braids are a popular protective style that's created with hair extensions which are fed into each braid starting near the roots of the hair.

"Kim is like a fantasy, period," says Kanye. "She's like a dream girl. And I think a dream girl should live in a dream world"

30 Chic Braid into Ponytail Styles That Will Spice Up Your Look

Part the top of your hair into pie shaped sections and using a little bit of Healthy Sexy Hair Soy Paste, create a dutch french braid going back toward your crown. Collect the remaining hair into a ponytail and wrap a piece

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I have been bangin' out some BOMB protective styles lately! Rocked some cornrows + large bun (added braiding hair) this past weekend while on a cabin trip with my sorority sisters and it was awesome! Didn't have to touch my hair for 3 days!