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One of the things I have learnt in the movement of the subculture is that there are 'unwritten' rules when it comes to surfing

This infographic details some important rules on surfing, surfing lingo.

When we facilitate discussions on Etiquette we always have fun asking participants to list different kinds of etiquette. Some of the obvious ones come to mind quite quickly and then the momentum st...

Etiquette in the Surf

surfers code of conduct - gives newbies an idea of the unwritten (although they are here) rules of the surf infographic

A surfing season map showing all the best surfspots worldwide. Download HIGH RES www.surfedukators.com/surfmap

A surfing season map showing all the best surfspots worldwide. Life just got a lot easier!

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Lapoint’s surf camp in Ericeira, Portugal, is the ideal spot for you who want to surf in Europe and suits both newcomers and the seasoned surfers