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"I'm about as violent and in intimidating as a pink butterfly that's stuck on a marshmallow" Dan Howell

When the coach asks if I understood the play

They'd classify us by fandom: "This is the Potterhead wing, and the Whovian hall"

"I need fandom rehab."← I would be smart if I'd go to fandom rehab, but I think I'll stay here with my books and wifi (n_n)


Dil is a fiction sims character. I should not be feeling this extreme hurt and sympathy for a sims character.

Me with HIDASHI.... I hate it.. I don't care if someone kills me.. Its still discussing.

For those of you who don't know what OTP means it's "One True Pairing" so pretty much who they want to see get together in a series. To me, Dan and Phil. "If they kill you, it's your fault.

Lol I saw the title of the game, and I was like "oh no!" Then phil kept hinting and I was like "oh no, Dan. Oh fuck no."

RIP DANS HEART<<< omg the whole game Phil looks so ready for dan do die and at one point he looks to the camera like 'you know what's coming.

I wonder if I'll ever find anyone to say it's okay when I break into an existential crisis/over thinking mode.

Me and dan are literally soul twins, im not even kidding

This was a joke he didnt actual mean this . Rejects by TomSka ft. Danisnotonfire>>> yeah it was bad advice Dan