Photography & Graphics / Rails is an experimental, retro, outline display typeface designed by Superfried. Rails is available in two styles display and broken.

No.1 Dance Studio Published by Maan Ali

No.1 Dance Studio

Love the way this typography forms around the dancers motion. They both visually clash for attention and it makes a striking piece.

デザインルールがひと目で分かる、Web・グラフィック(紙)・写真の参考サイト/まとめリンク集 | BLU Magazine – Grids

BLU Magazine Cover by Steve Kelly - like the black and white image, plain background, simple text and minimal colour in this layout

Operating systems analysis part one, graphics designed by Anthony Neil Dart, Seattle, WA, USA

This is a perfect first calendar for home or school. Learn about the days of the week and months of the year in a way designed just for children from preschool through first grade | Preschool Inspirations

The Perfect First Calendar for the Home or Classroom

Daily preschool schedule and visual schedule tricks and tips for preschool, per-k, and kindergarten.

Preschool Daily Schedule and Visual Schedules

What a great way to construct a pie graph! Kids would love this!

Best Spanish Language Course

Neat idea for students to make to describe themselves/ their daily lives, and then use as plan/ map for writing activities! Plus other mind-map activities

Top 39 Positive Quotes For Life

Top 39 Positive Quotes For Life

I like to put little positive notes under my door mat or bury them in pot plants near my front door. Daily Positive Affirmations for Prosperity <------- one of those things to say in front of the mirror all the time XD

ABANE Succulent Visual Branding by Nevi Ayu Enviarni

ABANE Succulent Visual Branding