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Bottle full of pills past out on a curb, the sun brings heat and it just won’t snow, noose like a necklace on my neck, wont go

But I know you don't want the world you just want a happy life with some peace you just want to reduce your pain and love your life if not happily but not in pain .and you will my dear becoz it's the only thing I pray to God every moment in my life

There is something uniquely beautiful about a person who remain soft after and while endearing great pain

I am attracted to laughter. I'd fall in love with a compassionate person who can laugh through their tears. I love it.

I'm not doing it. And so you became fake just to keep me in the group.

My therapist told me one day to just say no, and the next day, I would be free from the worry. Took me longer than I should have, but no is my forever answer.