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Mexican Pulp Art is a great book full of lurid paintings from Mexican comics.

Juan Gimenez.

elosilla: “ Juan Giménez is one of my favorite artists. His illustrations are a pleasure to look at, and if you have time, please, read “The Metabarons” a treasure of sci-fi comic.

Amazon.com: Mystery in Space (Pulp Fiction Library) (9781563894947): Gardner Fox, Alex Toth, Virgil Finlay: Books

I think it's hilarious that her space suit comes in high heels. Mystery in Space (Pulp Fiction Library)

Cheap Thrills: The Freakish Fantasy Art of Mexican Pulp Paperbacks

“Pulp Drunk: Mexican Pulp Art” reintroduces this art form to public as a brilliant and often overlooked pop-culture revelation.

Satan's Finger of Death Smiles on Humpty Dumpty

The most exciting scenes from Mexican horror stories I've never read

Book Review: Dr. Futurity, Philip K. Dick (1960) | Science Fiction and Other Suspect Ruminations

Book Review: Dr. Futurity, Philip K. Dick (1960)

V41 #1

Vintage sci-fi stories, Astounding Science Fiction magazine, Mar 1948 w/pulp cover art

spacequest:   Weird !

Haw haw , he brought a bullet firing 6 gun to a laser battle ."( the dirty space alien falls down dead )