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Silly signs and funny notice signs: Notice. Thank you for noticing this new notice. Your noticing it has been noted and will be reported to the authorities.

One day I will win just have to keep playing.. | Funny Pictures, Quotes, Pics, Photos, Images

One day I will win just have to keep playing..

13 Hilariously Stupid Signs - Oddee.com (stupid sign, stupid signs)

13 Hilariously Stupid Signs - stupid sign, stupid signs

It seems anywhere you go, there's a sign telling you what to do. Well, with these signs, it wouldn't make much of a difference.

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While the sign is certainly meant to be funny, as horses cannot read, it is very easy to pick up the meaning. It's a stop sign for horses.

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This sign warns you there is a prison near by and not to pick up hitch hikers! It is implied these hitch hikers could have possibly escaped the prison. This sign takes low cognitive effort and was found in the virtual domain.

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These hilarious photos of funny street signs are a true humor treasure. Lots of funny traffic signs, street and road names for you to enjoy

The Most Useless Flyers Ever | SMOSH :-D

Remove the flier.Take a picture if the flier, print it and post it where this one was.

All II have a boyfriend! Oh wait, No. That's a cat.

Boyfriend Cat