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Karhuemo ja saman vuoden pennut.

Karhuemo ja saman vuoden pennut.

Hugh Grizzly Bear in Upper Montana.

Grizzly in the candy store - Photo and Comment by Robert McRae: Inland Grizzly Bears wake from hibernation very hungry and immediately begin to eat large quantities of grasses and plants, which make.

snow bear by Wilhelm Linse on 500px

Amazing Wild Animal Pictures – 40 Pics Nature, Animals, Wildlife: The Beauty at one place

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Coastal Brown Bear Sow with Unusual 4 Spring Cubs Katmai National Park, Alaska

grizzly bear attack - this is the ultimate man eater.will crush bones and eat them along with your clothes .takes a serious rifle to even touch a bear attack

Bears in general have a heightened sense of awareness, because its large size the Grizzly as a totem represents an especially keen sense of knowing. Grizzly has a reclusive nature, pulling back from activities that drain its energy. Grizzly gives himself a season to recoup. The Grizzly Bear is the spirit keeper of the western direction or water quadrant of the Native American medicine wheel.

Grizzly Bear, Portrait of Adult Female, Alaska

Grizzly Bears have piercing eyes. The people they rarely decide to eat have corrupted souls and they can see that.

AK brown bear charging into pool of salmon. Fortunately, this bear was inept at fishing, giving me multiple opportunities to create this image. After a few misses I got the bears MO and proceeded to position myself accordingly for this image, low and vertical. This image was the cover of Popular Photography March, 2010

Charging Bear by Charles Glatzer. AKA: The last thing this photographer ever saw

Grizzly Bear - Grouse Mountain, North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. | by Myles Green

Grizzly Bear Under Attack by Myles Green. This Grizzly Bear was attacked by two insects that sent it on a wild snapping spree. //Awe, what a face EL//

Black bear

(If you encounter a black bear, appear large, hold your ground and punch it hard in the nose. It will retreat.

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Once, they were widely present in California. Native creatures of the land. The grizzly bear (Ursus arctos horribilis), also known as the silvertip bear, the grizzly, or the North American brown bear.