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Exspecially being a keeper

Yup pretty much. I have walked away with bruised on my stomach, back, boobs, and even face. excuse me totally a volleyball quote

no kidding! I think i'm going to need a hip replacement when i'm 30!

I like how this says dancepromblems in the bottom and I dont dance and I still have horible joint problems. its probably just an athlete thing in general. track soccer girl problems *sigh*<<<<~swimmers too

Teenager Posts

My life struggle in one post. Yes I am aware I can sound like a 13 year old girl at times.

Life of a volleyball player #tennisproblems #soccerproblems

Life of a volleyball player #tennisproblems #soccerproblems

So true

lolsotrue: "Top 4 Lies: I'm fine. That was my last piece of gum. I've read and agreed to the Terms & Conditions.

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This should definitely apply to soccer, not volleyball. I'd love to see volleyball players play soccer and "destroy people".

my friends tell me that i wear stuff thats too short so i tell them this.

I wore a dress once for my concert, and it wasn't really short, but I still wore spandex underneath. And so did my other friend who's s vball player and her dress wasn't really short😂

I hit myself in the face trying to get my overhand serve. Still cant seem to get it. Every time its either a bad toss or not enough power...

You know you're a volleyball player when. You know you're a soccer player when you've had at least 10 hit you on the face!