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Ora2×Perfume くちもとBeauty Project http://ora2-perfume.com/

Ora2×Perfume くちもとBeauty Project http://ora2-perfume.com/

Responsive design has a lot of different facets to it. Sites can be highly responsive and still not work for the audience correctly. I liked this infographic because it goes over the all-important planning-process. Knowing your audience is essential in making a website responsive to them. We saw an example of a site not being very responsive in the new Obamacare website. Maybe they should have taken notes from this graphic, and paid more attention to the pre-production process.

05 responsive design process infographic 10 Infographics for Learning About Responsive Web Design farshidramezani

Montagxc3xbc on Behance

BRANDING INSPIRATION (part my all time favourite brand design. The type is incredible matched with the graphic designs/illustrations. Montagü by Diego Leyva, via Behance

30 Tasty Food Mobile Application Designs for Foodies

30 Tasty Food Mobile App Designs for Foodies

Here I have collected 30 tasty food mobile app designs that would inspire you, and moreover, make your mouth water.