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Funny and Relatable! I'll be like *disgusted face* * shake hand* *wipe it on my friend* *friends continually wipe it on other friends till it gets back to me but it keeps going till it gets boring*

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10 Situations Only Mormons Would Understand

LOL SO TRUE POSTS - I think this is especially true when you don't relate to the guests.

My friend had a bug in her hair and my other friend was the one that was like "EW! GET IT OFF!"   She ended up hitting her like fifteen times.

omg so funny! I'm normally the person who tells them there's something in their hair, and than my friend freaks out like kermit.

I love this pin so much because this is from one of my favorite movies ever!

I love this pin so much because this is from one of my favorite movies ever! I love this movie!

I do this sometimes because I feel like I look like a complete idiot if I do anything different


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LOL, So true)

Sadly this is soo true I hate being told when to clean it makes me so mad but when I decide to clean it's so much fun

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i usually can't help but dance like napoleon dynamite which is why i rarely listen to my ipod in public

I hate you so much for leaving me here with these idiots.

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This is way too accurate.

When I'm about to be late for work and can't find my keys or my wallet