People love her. People hate her. (secretly a closet Miley Cyrus fan) hehe Love her hair btw!

Miley Cyrus Wallpaper

miley cyrus hairstyle - I love her but hate her new hair I want the old hair back!

Pretty hair and cute shirt and jeans!

I just did my hair a shade of blonde similar to this one. My hair falls into loose curls naturally :D Hopefully mine will be this long, by the end of summer!

Demi Lavato

Long brown hair with highlights and lowlights. Long brown hair with highlights and lowlights. Long dark brown hair with highlights and lowlights.

∞ mermaid hair.

Ombre hair colors will totally enhance ones natural curls, bringing incredible depth with a new look - when its done right. Love this look on long hair.

Messy Braid, pretty for casual wedding @kennedy core

Messy Braid ~ Cant believe she messed her hair up so bad Look how pretty it was?

Miley had such AWESOME hair!

remember when Miley had amazing hair.before the drugs and temper tantrum she threw on her head. Love her hair in this pic. so gonna let mine grow out to about this length, with lots of layers!

this gurrl has gott somee purtty herr.

Perfect color- just enough brown, just enough blonde.-- Soo cute for the summer

Surf & Sun.  Oh, to be young again.

My dream is learn to surf,live in Hawaii, my favourite place in the world is the beach on a sunny day. If you want to know a bit more about.

Victoria's Secret model hair & makeup (Pesquisa para meu TCC).

Get The Look: Glossy, bouncy Victoria Secret waves

Victorias Secret Angels- makeup and hair perfection. Inspiration, (obviously) a more distressed version but the VS 'angels' are the theme of my groups shoot.

jadeywadey180's photo on SnapWidget

Gorgeous long brown layers with golden blonde highlights. Pretty sure this is about the color my hair is going to end up being since it's getting darker as I get older.