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melisica: Amanda De Vito (The Yard)

The eye color.

How To Avoid Chapped Lips This Winter — How to be a Redhead

Down to the mixed matched eyes.

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Clean skin & eye with focus on lashes. Very simple makeup that makes your features pop

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harry potter girls // name meanings insp (x)

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Heterochromia. Gorgeous eyes and eyebrows

Different colored eyes heterochromia

makeup ideas

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Brown eyes in sunlight

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not just that beautiful contrast of the eye. the entire face finishes it off perfectly. Heterochromia is so cool

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Wet makeup look + Rainbow prism

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Manic Panic hair dye Manic Panic hair dye works very well on Ethnic Hair and works well on light and unbleached hair...the deeper/darker dyes like purples, blues and reds give the hair more of a tint. I L❤VE IT!!!!  Never tested on Animals only Celebs

How to Dye Hair Crazy Colors

manic panic colors- trying to decide whether to go purple haze, ultra violet, or mystic heather over unbleached red hair to get a dark purple.