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"The Winter Blues" Blue jay photo by Denis Mark. I love seeing bluejays on a snowy day.

Dancing Egret by Craig ONeal #Photography #Egret

Amazing Wild Animal Pictures – 40 Pics Dancing Egret by Craig ONeal Crowned Crane wolf

Pretty birdie

Pretty birdie


27 superbes images issues du National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest 2015 (© Ajar Setiadi) - very sweet

Red Bird at my window! Beautiful Male Northern Cardinal

Have to name him Cam, after my youngest son that loved Redbirds & the color red. Beautiful male Cardinal on a winter branch.

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Blue and purple

Two of my favorite garden things - bluebirds and butterfly bushes. I'm jealous of whoever captured a pic of a bluebird sitting ON a butterfly bush!



~~ What a Beautifully colored bird! I dont know what kind she is but the pink & purple shades are just Beautiful. She looks like she's crunching on a nice little snack too  ~~

The pink-browed rosefinch is a species of finch in the Fringillidae family. It ranges across the northern regions of the Indian subcontinent, mainly in the Himalayas.